Friday, October 29, 2010

Green/Black High Heel Sandals

Here, we have black crisscross straps on the vamp, a green T strap that goes up the front of the foot, a round yellow strap just below the ankle and finally the classic buckle strap around the ankle (in green).

Cream/Gray Caged High Heel Sandals

Interesting design as the top of the shoe is cut out generously and laced up. The platform is recessed which kinda adds to the global "wow" effect of those high heel sandals.

Multicolor High Heel Sandals

Lots of colors on those high heel sandals. The towering heels and the double stacked platforms enhance the slenderness of those legs.

Deep Red High Heel Caged Sandals

Yeah, I am not sure it qualifies as a sandal since the back looks like it belongs to a pump. It's kind of an hybrid, I guess. Anyways, you have a bunch of straps that go over the foot from side to side, a leather gray flower on the outside and a zipper on the back of the heel. Those combine for a lovely pair of heels.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Magenta High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

Kinda looks like the high heel version of Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz. You have the low cut sides on the inside of the show and a nice little ball on the vamp (the upper part of the show, pretty much over the toes here). Very shiny and disco! It's a Betsey Johnson creation.

White High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

Peep toe pumps the way they should all be, that is, with the sides cut very low and a lot of toes revealing themselves (even better, those are polished red). It's almost a sandal but not quite.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Purple High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

I guess you can never get tired of those gorgeous high heel peep toe pumps. The raised platform is really something special.

Plaid High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

That's my favorite style of peep toe pumps with the generous peep that reveals the toes and the sides that are cut very low.

Black High Heel Strappy Peep Toe Pumps

I like the sides that are cut low for a nice reveal of the foot, the flower on the front strap and the retro look (40s).

Gold High Heel Sandals

Strappy high heel sandals but it's not over done. I like the fabric that covers the back of the heel of the foot.

Red High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

Those are really nice with the flower on the side and the heavily tapered heel.

Red High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

The cool thing about those platform high heel peep toes is the very low cut of the inner side, which emphasizes the beauty of the foot (by simply showing more of it).

Red High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

A lot of strapping and chains on this pair of pumps. The heel is a bit thicker than usual, probably a throwback to the 40s. Gotta appreciate the color coordination between the pumps and the toes.

Black High Heel Sandals

Not a big fan of high heel sandals that cover too much of the front of the foot. To me, sandals should show all the toes especially when they are polished. Also, the front T strap is not something I find that interesting. The thick sole doesn't really add anything either. All in all, not the greatest design for a pair of high heel sandals.

Brown Peep Toe High Heel Pumps

Those are of the more elevated type of peep toe pumps with the thicker sole. Nice detail with the bow on the front of the pump.

Black High Heel Sandals

An interesting ankle strap on these that's quite wide and fancy. Certainly not a classic look but very nice nonetheless. I would have preferred a thinner strap but that's just me.

White High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

Nice bow on these high heel pip toe pumps. A little bit of a platform that's raised at the toes. All in all, some very fine high heels for a very fine lady.

Black High Heel Strappy Peep Toe Pumps

This high heel shoe is very strappy and therefore very open, an hybrid between the high heel sandals and the peep toe pump.

White Caged High Heel Sandals

Tanned slender legs, deep red nail polish and high heel sandals. What more can someone ask for? A lot of straps on those high heel sandals, which give them a caged look. The good thing is that it has the classic thin ankle strap with the buckle.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Leopard High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

The classic leopard print look revisited. Nice detailing with the buckle on the front strap. The sides of the pump are cut pretty low (especially on the inside), which is good thing since it shows a lot more of the feet. The pump has a bit of a platform, which allows the heel to be higher or the pump to be more comfortable (I guess).

White High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

Very nice white peep toes with the little bow topping the front strap. We have seen this pump model previously in different colors (brown and black, I believe) but I think it doesn't hurt to show this classic style in white.

Brown High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

It's basically the bronze high heel peep toe pumps but in brown. These peep toe pumps are made in Spain by the way.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bronze High Heel Peep Toe Pumps

She sure knows how to walk in high heels. Pretty substantial platform sole on those pumps but I think it's not too high (anything higher would go into stripper territory, not that there's anything wrong that but it just not my thing).

Black Peep Toe High Heel Pumps

It's the black version of the brown peep toe high heel pumps and I don't think there is much to add.

Don't know who the model is but she has some very fine legs.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brown Peep Toe High Heel Pumps

Having great legs certainly doesn't hurt the look of those gorgeous brown high heel peep toe pumps. The platform which is not too thick is raised at the front. The legs are bare and the toes seem unpolished, which is quite fine.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Silver High Heel Sandals

Well, those are pretty much the perfect high heel sandals. You have the ankle strap with the buckle on the ankle (very important to enhance the beauty of a lady's ankle) and the sole is nice and thin. In other words, it's the classic high heel sandal style.

Blue High Heel Sandals

Not a big fan of the slingback and ankle strap combination on high heel sandals. To me, it doesn't look right as it should be one or the other: either a slingback strap or the more classic ankle strap but not both. Don't get me wrong, those are nice high heel sandals but they are not, in my eyes, as hot as they could be.

I also don't like the front strap which is way too wide on the sides. Doesn't do it for me, at all.

Black Platform High Heel Sandals

This is probably the maximum height I'd go for a platform. Love the raised front as usual. The wide black strap on the toes is just right as it enhances the beauty of this lady's polished toes. A classic high heel sandal look.

Gold Platform High Heel Sandals

Ok, I am showing these platform high heel sandals although I really don't like them. To me, platforms like these look ridiculous and they do not enhance the beauty of a lady's foot and arch. They are just too high.

Black Peep Toe High Heel Pumps

Incredibly sexy black satin peep toe pumps. The lady is wearing light nylon on her legs and what seems to be light pink polish on her toes.

A little bit of a platform on those pumps and the front is slightly raised (don't know who came up with this idea of lifting the front of high heel shoes but that's really a good one).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Black Studded Peep Toe High Heels

Daring, studded, black peep toe heels! Too bad she's not wearing a darker shade of toe polish as she seems to have opted for a light pink color. The bare look is fantastic on these nicely toned legs (well, except for the tatoo).

Pink Peep Toe High Heels

Nice pink peep toe high heels with the unusual strap around the ankle. Too bad she didn't polish her toe nails the same color as the heels but one cannot ask for too much especially when it's already so beautiful to watch.

Leopard Print Peep Toe High Heels

Usually don't like toe nails "au naturel" or with light pink polish but gotta admit that her legs which are nicely toned, the heels themselves, the phenomenal bare look and the way she moves flawlessly (nice poses too) make up for the lack of red polish.

A thing I would change though is the tatoo. Don't think it enhances the beauty of a lady's leg in any way, shape or form.

Silver High Heel Sandals

Don't really care for the crushing part but you gotta admit that the bare feet look with red painted toes in high heel sandals is pretty hard to beat.

I like the fact that those high heel sandals have a nice thin sole. Never been a big fan of those thick platform "stripper" high heel sandals.

Black Sequined High Heel Sandals

Yeah, those high heel sandals are nice but, in my humble opinion, the nylon with reinforced toes takes away from the beauty of her feet and toes. Sheer nylons or no nylons at all would have been better.

I just like how the front of the sole is raised and I am pretty sure those are not too comfortable for walking.

Black Peep Toe High Heels

Tiny bit of a platform on those high heel peep toe pumps. Even though she knows one cannot fully appreciate the beauty of polished toes with peep toe pumps, this lady has taken the time to polish her toe nails with some red polish. With peep toes, I think it's ok to wear darker nylons because you only get a "peep" of the toes anyways.

Personally, I prefer more open pumps but these will do nicely.

Light Blue High Heel Sandals

Ok, those are actually pumps with cut sides and very open toes. In my opinion, they can still be considered high heel sandals.

Wearing nylon with high heel sandals is fine as long as the fabric is sheer and the toes are not reinforced. The general rule of thumb is that if you have to look real close to realize the lady is wearing nylon, then it's totally fine.

Black High Heel Sandals

This lady knows how to wear high heel sandals: deep red nail polish on toe nails that have been neatly trimmed (it's on the short side which, in my opinion, is a really good thing). Of course, having nicely proportioned toes helps and this lady certainly has beautiful feet.

The color of the polish is important as it should really be from red to deep red. In my opinion, nylons should not be worn with high heel sandals but, if they have to be worn, they should be light colored so that the polished toes can be clearly seen (nothing worse than black stockings completely masking red polished toes).